Chan retreat July 13 – August 31, 2024

led by
July 13 – August 31, 2024; Dluzew, Poland.

A 49-day Chan meditation retreat, led by Ven. Chi Chern Fashi, will take place in July and August 2024, at the Plein-air House of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Dluzew, Poland. The retreat will begin with a Dharma talk by the Master at 7 pm on July 13 (Saturday) and will end at 10 am on August 31 (Saturday). 

The prerequisites for acceptance to the retreat are at least 6 months of experience in Buddhist meditation practice and participation in at least one intensive (i.e. at least 5-day) retreat. It is possible to participate in 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 or 49 days of the retreat, providing one begins on the first, 8’th, 22’nd or 36’th day of the retreat. Those who have never attended any retreat of at least seven days led by Master Chi Chern, should start practising on the first day of the retreat.