The palace and the park in Dluzew

The palace in Dluzew is situated about 40 miles from downtown Warsaw, in a peaceful area near the town Kolbiel. It was built at the turn of the 19-th century as a manor house. It is owned by the Fine Arts Academy, a Warsaw university. The vast palace gardens are a wonderful place for walks and physical exercise, and are often used for plein-air workshops. The northern boundary of the property is delineated by the river Swider. It is the site of beaver lodges, and beavers are sometimes seen romping about in the park.

The palace is beautifully situated among fields, meadows and forests, far from urban turmoil. It serves as a place where academics can rest and a place for student practices, but is also sometimes rented for religious, artistic and therapeutic purposes. The large main building has a well equipped kitchen, two dining rooms and wide hallways, as well as bedrooms for two, three or four guests, with comfortable beds, regularly changed bedding, and mostly private bathrooms. Meditation will take place next to it, in a spacious plein-air hall. The whole complex is maintained by very agreeable personnel, and the kitchen staff is experienced in preparing vegetarian meals.

The palace and the park in summer

The following pictures of the palace and the park were taken during some August retreats (you may click on each picture to enlarge it).


The palace and the park in winter