Chan retreat, March 2022

led by

A 6-day Chan retreat, led by Gilbert Gutierrez, will take place in March 2022, at the Plein-air House of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Dluzew, Poland. It will begin at 7 pm on March 6th (Sunday) and will end at 10 am on March 12th (Saturday).

The prerequisite for acceptance to the retreat is at least 6 months of experience in Buddhist meditation practice. It is possible to participate in 4 or 6 days of the retreat, provided one begins on March 6th.

“Discovering the Shining Silence” This traditional 6-day retreat provides time and space for dedicated practitioners to learn, practice and cultivate the Chan method. Simple yet difficult, with focused practice you may encounter an opening that allows you to come to rest and find peace, a lucid spaciousness and clear Dharma insight. Facilitated in a warm, supportive manner, the Buddhist teaching and methods passed by Master Sheng Yen will be presented through practice instruction, talks and individual interviews carefully adapted to lay practitioners of European mind and culture. This orthodox Chan retreat entails rising early, a rigorous schedule of meditation with exercise and work periods, the whole requiring a precisely focused and persistent endeavor based in a relaxed mind. Many practitioners experience clear insights enabling them to walk the Bodhisattva path with refreshed confidence and deepened serenity.